Dozens of cats got a first class ticket to Denver – in fact, they had their own private jet. The Dumb Friends League received 36 cats through a transfer from several shelters around Los Angeles on Feb. 15.

Courtesy: Dumb Friends League

The Dumb Friends League tells us it was a team effort with support from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Relocate Program, and Wings of Rescue. According to the DFL there aren’t many transfer programs available for cats.

“Colorado is very fortunate to be able to help these cats as we have made strides in humane education and spay and neuter efforts across the state for felines,” says Joan Thielen, with the Dumb Friends League.

Courtesy: Dumb Friends League

The cats range in age from kittens to full grown cats and are healthy, friendly and each got a certificate of veterinary inspection before they even boarded the private plane that brought them to Denver on Feb. 15.

“The Dumb Friends League will continue to work with programs like this as long as we have the capacity to help, we always look at our community first. We are fortunate to have a compassionate, pet friendly community here in Colorado. This allows us to help pets in need, both with patrons looking to adopt and with generous donations helping to make programs like this possible.” Joan Thielen, DFL

Once the cats have been evaluated medically and behaviorally by the staff at the Dumb Friends League, they’ll go up for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting, you can go online to or call the shelter at 303-751-5772.