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How to keep your pets calm during fireworks

Fireworks are a problem for pets every year, but the issue prominent this year with shows being canceled and impromptu, neighborhood 'shows.'

MAUMEE, Ohio — If fireworks or other loud noises scare your pet, chances are they have been on edge lately. The Toledo Humane Society is reminding pet owners to make sure they are keeping a close eye on their pets if fireworks are going off in their neighborhood.

"So anything from favorite toys, favorite treats, having that calm area, maybe away from windows, maybe in a lower level of your house. Having that safe enclosed space for them to retreat to," said Morgan Korecki with the Toledo Humane Society.

Korecki said they see this as a problem every year, but the issue prominent this year with firework shows being canceled or postponed and impromptu, neighborhood 'shows' taking the forefront.

The Toledo Hemp Center is also seeing more dog owners buy CBD treats to calm their pets down because of fireworks. 

The store handed out over 800 free samples of CBD treats across two days in their annual CBD dog treat giveaway. 

The Toledo Hemp Center offers the free CBD treats program yearly, giving out the non-intoxicating treats. “The products we have are offering many pets help with the relief they deserve," said Payton De Moe, manager of the Toledo Hemp Center.

While the samples will no longer be available, bags of CBD treats can still be purchased.

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If you're a new dog owner and are discovering your pooch is afraid of the loud noises, Korecki recommends checking with your vet to see if they have any recommendations.

"You are their rock, you are their home and their family so being there with them is also a great idea as well," Korecki said.

Additionally, making sure your pet's IDs and tags are updated with correct contact information, in case they do get out, is also recommended.

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