A trip to the dentist can be a nerve-racking experience, whether you are a person or a pet.

For the patients at Northfield Veterinary Hospital, there's a special creature - an animal wizard of sorts - who keeps even the most frightened at ease.

Ron, a six-month-old kitten, has taken it upon himself to comfort the canines and felines visiting the hospital.

He arrived at the hospital as part of a feral cat community, a part of a litter of four kittens named Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna.

Jen Weston, co-owner of Denver's Northfield Veterinary Hospital, says one of Ron's most impressive feats involved taming one big, angry cat.

The 20 pound cat was deemed too aggressive and placed in a carrier when the vet could not get close to it. Cue Ron to the rescue, he hopped up on the carrier and within minutes, the once-grumpy cat was purring and playing with Ron.

After that, the cat let the vets touch and work on him.

He's known around the office as the "therapy cat" who is always into everyone's business.

Lately, Ron has been helping other animals while they get dental work done. This includes cuddling up to one technician's dog, Fidget, while he recovered from dental work.

Ron is allowed to comfort other pets, as long as the owners are okay with him being around.

By the looks of these photos, he's a natural healer at heart: