On a sunny day in February one of Colorado's most famous cats sits on a coffee table, looking expectantly at the door.

Perhaps he knows a visitor -- admittedly, a fan -- is coming to see him. Or maybe he's just interested in the birds chirping outside.

The debate is settled when said visitor arrives and Floyd the Lion leaps past me toward the sunny nook that's home to his carpeted cat tree. He basks in the sun for a moment before curling up and taking a nap.

As of Thursday, Floyd, who lives in Longmont, had about 34,500 followers on Instagram. That's about a third of the City of Denver's Instagram followers and nearly twice the Botanic Garden's.

Ridiculous, right?

Floyd's moms would agree with you, to a certain extent. Susie Floros and Cami Garrison know the whole "Catstagram," as they call it, movement is a little silly.

That cats like Lil BUB, a tabby with dwarfism whose tongue perpetually falls limp, has about 1.1 million followers.

Or that Grumpy Cat, whose mouth is affixed in a constant scowl, has 1.2 million followers and has met everyone from Conan O'Brien to Jennifer Lopez.

That something that naps for 18 hours a day and eats kibble can have book deals and paid celebrity appearances.

Floros and Garrison never imagined when they brought him home in November of 2013 that their orange Persian would exist as anything more than a house pet.

Everything changed the day in 2014 when Floros, who has a background in magazine writing and editing, started Floyd's own account after flooding her own feed with his pictures. Her panache for writing and photography undoubtedly made Floyd who he is today.

Much to their surprise, Floyd has followers from around the world and is especially popular in the Middle East.

Floros and Garrison have made friends with other cat owners who they've only technically spoken to through Instagram. Floyd the Lion LLC is a registered business and the subject of art work and a calendar. He has a T-shirt line, a soon-to-be underwear line and Floros and Garrison are working on a book idea about how to travel with cats (much to the delight of his fans, Floyd takes regular leashed walks in his neighborhood and goes hiking).

Internet-famous cats are serious business. Grumpy Cat’s parents have earned a “low-six-figure sum off the cat thus far,” the cat’s agent -- yes, they have agents -- Bryan Bundesen told the Wall Street Journal.

Floros and Garrison say the extra money has been nice, but their motivation isn’t financially driven.

"I love that he makes people happy," Floros said. "I love that we can make someone's days with just a picture."