There's a patch of grass on a hill nestled up against the Speer Blvd Bridge at Little Raven in LoDo. For the past three months it's been a puppy paradise.

The city turned it into a pop-up dog park in September. You'll find Jean Gleason there with her dog Scobie almost every day.

"He probably has about 10 different puppy friends and we've met all the parents and it's been a great community," Gleason said


Gleason and Scobie will have to find somewhere else to play in 2018, because the park is closing on New Year's Eve.

"We'll have to walk him on a leash, but to be honest, if he runs here for an hour and we walk him for three hours it's not the same," Gleason said.

Jean and other puppy parents who use the park have always known this was temporary. Michelle Cowan says she's one of many who've reached out to the city, telling them they should make it permanent.

"We get an ambiguous response and we're all fingers crossed that this place stays open," Cowan said.

There's a Facebook page supporting the park, and the city says in a statement that re-opening it on a permanent basis is a possibility.

"Following the closure tomorrow, we'll evaluate the project to determine next steps and whether there should be a permanent facility in the area," Cynthia Karvaski said in an email to 9NEWS. "We currently don't have an estimate of the time that the process will take, as we are having to review the challenges with managing a dog area of this type. Turf dog parks are not sustainable year-round when the grass is dormant."

Suzanne Mela hopes the city will eventually reopen this park, or build a new one somewhere close. The dogs love it, sure, but the people are going to miss it, too, she says.

"It's just been an amazing impact on our community," Mela said. "It's been a place where people can get together, meet each other, network, form support systems."