KUSA - Tommy is a 9-year-old Weimaraner from a Utah shelter who came to Mile High Weimaraner Rescue in Denver to find his forever home.

He is very thin, but shelter volunteers say he's eating well and is expected to gain weight with some good nutrition and a stress-free environment.

Tommy is a quiet, mellow guy who loves to relax in a comfy spot.

He gets along with dogs his own size, but he can become overly excited around small dogs that bark a lot. He also doesn't get along with cats.

Tommy will understand if you tell him to sit or stay, and he is also house-trained.

He would do well in a moderately active home with someone who can give him the love, reassurance and attention he deserves.

If you'd like to know more about Tommy, you can contact Mile High Weimaraner Rescue at 720-334-7136 or go to www.mhwr.org.

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