DENVER - 9NEWS welcomed 8-year-old Tucker on Petline9 Wednesday morning.

Tucker is a companion Weimaraner who is eager for attention and play. He enjoys walks, tricks - with lots of treats - and especially loves to play fetch.

He will want to cuddle up at night and will most likely hog the covers. He enjoys a seat by the window to alert for the postman and a nice area with sunlight to warm him, indoor or out.

Tucker is wonderful around children and even tolerant of dress-up days. He also loves to have other dogs around.

A potential adopter will need to be experienced with Weims, home more than not, and willing to work with Tucker on crate training. He is house trained, but like many Weims, he is not kitchen trained, and he is not a fan of his crate.

He has proven very skillful at escaping his crate and finding and obtaining all forms of food, whether stored in a cabinet, intended for dinner, or tossed in the trash.

Tucker will also benefit from a home that gives him lots of daily exercise to burn off the energy that otherwise can contribute to trouble.

If given sufficient exercise, structure, and routine, Tucker will make a wonderful companion for an active individual or family. If you would like to meet this sweet, good-natured but mischievous guy, please complete an application online through Mile High Weimaraner Rescue:

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