Pets come with often unexpected costs, but there's a new program in Denver to help make sure pet owners can handle those expenses without having to give up their pet.

The city just received a $50,000 grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help cover one-time, large expenses for pet owners.

It was modeled after a similar program that first started in Los Angeles in 2013.

"They were able to offer the public resources to potentially retain their animals," Tracy Koss said, the customer care manager for Denver Animal Protection. "It was actually very successful. They were able to help 2,000 animals stay in their homes with their owners."

The program in Denver is a little different to fit the needs of pet owners here.

"Where people are still having some struggles with are those one off medical expenses, or paying that one time pet deposit of $300, or keeping a dog from breaking out of a fence that they can't repair," Koss said.

The program will not help people who cannot afford to have a pet in the first place. The owners have to be able to handle everyday pet care expenses and regular veterinarian visits.

"They are going to be people that we want to assist that can maintain the vaccinations, the licensing, the feeding, and shelter, and all of those things that we all have to do for our critters," Koss said.

If you need assistance with unexpected pet costs, just drop by the Denver Animal Shelter. Their customer care team will see if the program can help you.

The program is funded to help about 70 pets this year.

Denver Animal Protection says it has already helped about six pet owners with medical expenses and a few others with behavioral problems.

They hope it is successful so it can receive more funding from the ASPCA to continue.