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Rabid skunk seen in Larimer Co; Get your pets vaccinated

Larimer County's health department is asking everyone to get their pets vaccinated after the first rabid skunk was found in Fort Collins after five years.
Young Striped Skunk in roadside ditch

A rabid skunk was found on the southeast side of Fort Collins near the Portner Reservoir and the health department wants to remind people to get their pets vaccinated.

The Larimer County Department of Health says skunk rabies is more dangerous than, say, bat rabies, since skunks are more likely to come in contact with people and their animals. The health department says bats and skunks are the animals more likely to come into contact with people than any other.

The skunk is the first rabid animal found in Larimer County in 2018 and the first rabid skunk found in Fort Collins in five years.

The person who found the skunk said their dog may have come into contact, but no quarantine was necessary as the pet was up to date on its shots.

If you spot a skunk or other animal acting strangely, it's important to call the Larimer County Humane Society's animal control at 970-226-3647 at number 7. Strange skunk behavior includes being out during the daytime, being aggressive, turning in circles or appearing tame and unafraid of people or pets.

It's imperative that pet owners keep their pets up to date on their shots and rabies vaccination to prevent lengthy - and costly - quarantines, the health department says.

The health department has a helpful list of things you can do to help protect you, your family and your pets at this link.