As hikers approach the trail at Mount Falcon park in Jefferson County, they are now met with a sign that says “Let’s doo it.”

It’s not a typo.

It is part of a new campaign to urge park visitors in Jefferson County to pick up after their pets and not leave excrement behind on the trail.

“I have been on patrol where I’ve encountered up to 19 or 20 discarded bags of dog waste next to the trail,” said Mary Ann Bonnell, a JeffCo park ranger.

“They say there are like 23 million E. coli in each dog doo that’s out there,” she said. “There are also other pathogens. So by leaving that dog waste sitting next to the trail you’re putting the health of your own pet at risk.”

Bonnell says people have many excuses why they choose to either not pick up the poo or leave bags behind.

“One of the number one excuses is I just don’t want to carry it and there are believe it or not products out there that are designed specifically for carrying dog waste and having the smell minimized,” she said.
Bonnell also suggests bringing your own bag along with a carabiner. When you tie up the dog poop in the bag, you can use the carabiner to connect the bag to your dog’s collar or to their harness and let them carry it out of the park to a trash can.

Bonnell says often visitors leave bags of excrement behind, thinking they’ll grab them again on their way out and dispose of them, but they often forget.

Along with carrying dangerous bacteria, dog excrement can also release nitrates and other harmful substances into the water supply.

“You’re out of excuses at this point – we’d just really like people to do the right thing,” Bonnell said.