A 1-year-old Border Collie mix who was born with deformed front legs received two very special gifts this Christmas -- increased mobility and a new family.

Rex came to Denver Animal Protection with significantly underdeveloped front legs. He learned to walk in semi-upright manner, hence his name Rex -- like a T-Rex.

A volunteer at the Denver Animal Shelter donated money to get Rex a new cart.

Cameron Schumacher is fostering Rex right now, but is also taking steps to adopt him.

"When we first brought him home he was fairly immobile. You'd just put him on the couch and he'd stay there," Schumacher said. "You didn't have to worry about putting a gate in front of the stairs. And within a couple days he picked up on all of it. Now he's leaping furniture to furniture, he's barreling up the stairs if you're not watching him. He's really getting used to his new home and his new housemates. Now they pretty much play all day long."

Rex uses the cart a couple of times a day to get used to it. Eventually the hope is he'll be able to use the cart outside.

The whole process of getting him the new cart has taken about two weeks.