DENVER — One of Denver’s furriest events will look very different in 2020 thanks to the virus that causes COVID-19, but at least it’s still happening.

“We have made a determination with Furry Scurry,” said Maia Brusseau with the Dumb Friends League. “We are not going to postpone it. We are going to hold it as a virtual walk.”

The Furry Scurry, scheduled for May 2nd, is the Dumb Friends League’s signature fundraising event, according to its website.

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Its traditional home is Washington Park.

Hundreds of people and their pets come for a two-mile walk and fun run to raise money for the organization.

This year, the park’s out.

“We’ll give people the opportunity to walk where you want,” said Brusseau. “Whether it’s on a treadmill, if it’s around your block a few times to make it about two miles. Whatever it looks like and wherever we’re at at that point, we’re encouraging everyone to walk together, but not at the same time at Wash Park on May 2nd.”

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Brusseau admitted they’re still working out all the details for this virtual Furry Scurry.

“We really want to make it a fun, interactive event,” she said. “We’ll probably have some Facebook lives where we’ll be here at the shelter and we can do some fun things with the animals that are here. It’ll be a fun opportunity for people to see pets that we have in our care and how them going for that two-mile walk is really making a big difference for them even though we’re not going to be at the park together.”

Brusseau added the Dumb Friends League will plans to hold a post-party at some point to bring people together when it’s safe to do so.

“People can get their t-shirts, hopefully our vendors and sponsors will be able to come out, we can do a little post-event fun thing,” Brusseau said.

For updates, keep an eye on the Furry Scurry website.