As a society, we spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars preparing for the arrival of newborns.

However, we often spend little or no time planning for the other end of life, and as a result, are largely unprepared for how to care for aging parents and loved ones.

To help, Senior Reporter Mark Koebrich and Beth Bowlen have designed "Aging with Dignity," a playbook designed to help families deal with the onset of Alzheimer's in their lives.

The book was put together by Koebrich, Bowlen, who has personal insight into Alzheimer's given her father's struggle, the Alzheimer's Association, the Senior's Resource Center and some 20 doctors who work with the aging and aged.

The idea is to help answer the question, "what do I do now?".

You can read and download the "Aging with Dignity" playbook below.

If you don't see the playbook, click here.

AGING WITH DIGNITY: A Playbook from Beth Bowlen and Mark Koebrich by 9news on Scribd