Denver, CO — As we age, we build up insight and experience that can benefit the workforce, our communities and more. Research in Colorado and across the country shows that the overwhelming majority of us would prefer to “age in place”—to stay in the communities we have lived in all our lives as we get older—and continue to be involved. As a society, we should do all that we can to support and make the most of this resource.

Ageism—discrimination based on negative stereotypes and prejudice against people based on their age—can get in the way of older people continuing to be involved in community and the economy. So can policies and systems that make it difficult for us to stay involved as we age. And we all lose out when that happens.

Changing the Narrative in Colorado is a partnership of NextFifty Initiative and Rose Community Foundation to tell a different story of aging and ageism—to let people in our state know of the benefits to community and workforce that older people can provide, and to educate people about ageism

By changing the way we talk, write and think about aging and ageism, _and by influencing others to do so, we can shift public opinion and change policies and practices. This will allow all of us to continue to fully participate in our communities—and to ensure that needed systems and supports are in place as we age.

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