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'Getting There Guide' app connects seniors to rides

Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council's app helps seniors, others find transportation to appointments, grocery store trips and more.

COLORADO, USA — A popular publication that helps seniors find a ride to things like doctor's appointments or grocery store trips is going mobile in 2021.

The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council's (DRMAC) developed a mobile app for its "Getting There Guide", which connects people with public transportation, volunteer-based driving services and private options.

The app also has a filter that allows users to customize their needs to the providers that can get them where they need to go most directly.

App users can type in “where you are” and then “where you want to go”, their age and whether they need special accommodations of some kind — as well as the purpose of the ride, such as a dental appointment, a medical appointment or a grocery store run. Users then hit “get me there” and the app provides ride and transportation options.

Credit: DRMAC

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Carol Buchanan, DRMAC's director of programs, said the guide can find transportation for seniors and those with special needs, requires no username or password, is very simple with no complex features and is designed to work with readers.

Buchanan said the app also includes discounts for seniors and veterans and people on Medicaid, and other discounts that riders can explore.   

"There are options that are free, low cos, or fee-for-service from private providers," Buchanan said. "Rides are available to people with all kinds of disabilities. That includes people who use wheelchairs and people who are blind. We are all about helping people access transportation."

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The app covers services in all nine counties of the greater metro area. It’s available for both androids and iPhones. Type “Getting There” in the search bar in the App Store and it will pop up.

The guide will soon be available in Spanish, Russian, Somalian and Arabic.   DRMAC also has a new virtual Getting There Travel Training program to help people learn how to use Regional Transportation District (RTD) trains and buses, as well as Lyft services and other commercial apps. The training covers a variety of topics including how to purchase fare media and what RTD is doing to keep buses clean and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The times and dates for the travel training are listed below:

Credit: DRMAC

DRMAC received assistance for the development and implementation of the guide from the Next 50 Initiative, a statewide foundation focused on innovative programs for older adults. 

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