KUSA – It’s the question that has divided couples and friends for millennia: where should we eat tonight? A recent college grad and Colorado native helped come up with the app to solve the problem. It’s called WildRide.

“WildRide is an app that takes you to a bar or restaurant in your area, but the idea is that you fill out your preferences and you don’t know where you’re going until you get there,” Cody Lippert explained.

Lippert is co-founder and CFO of the new company that launched only a few months ago. The idea started with an entrepreneurship class at Gonzaga University. Lippert and his classmates drew pieces of paper with random words and were tasked to come up with a business idea. Lippert’s team drew the words “Uber” and “roulette.” It sparked an idea.

“That’s how WildRide was started,” Lippert said.

The app allows users to select a bar, restaurant or both along with pricing options and the number of people on the ride. From there, you can select types of food you don’t want. After excluding up to five types of food, you can tap on a map to choose your search area.

You can adjust the search area and driving time. Once you confirm your destination, you can call an Uber or follow turn-by-turn directions to your mystery location. You’re likely to end up at a well-reviewed place.

“We source all of our restaurants through Yelp,” Lippert said. “All the restaurants on there have a substantial amount of reviews and they’re four stars or above.”

Lippert said Wild Ride soft-launched in Denver and several other cities. Lippert said the goal is to charge restaurants a small fee for bringing in customers. The app is free and available for download on Apple and Android.

“The ultimate hope that comes out of this is that you never have to fight about where you want to eat,” Lippert said.