PALISADE, Colo. — It's been cold and snowy across much of Colorado the past few days, and while many of us are feeling less than peachy, the weather has been great for Palisade peaches. 

KKCO in Grand Junction said those peaches look like fuzzy little grapes right now, but according to Talbott Farms, the colder weather we've had is perfect for peaches at this stage in their development.

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When it's hot outside this time of year, the trees focus on providing nutrients to themselves, instead of the fruit. Because the trees are happy and have plenty of moisture, the peaches will be bigger, Talbott said. 

"Even with this short cool spell, if we had prescribed the perfect spring that we would most want to experience, this year has been that one so we are very pleased," Charlie Talbott, partner at Talbott Farms, told KKCO.

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