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5 ways to follow proper leaf-peeping etiquette

We all like to enjoy Colorado's beautiful colors this time of year. But don't forget the rules of the road while you're taking in the views!

A quick drive to the high country will tell you, it's leaf-peeping time -- a very Colorado thing to do.

But as people are driving on state highways to take in all that orange, red and gold, some high country residents are asking for a viewer etiquette reminder.

"I just want to share with all who are escaping the heat down below and coming up to altitude to view the colors, please remember, the mountains are home to people and wildlife," said Nederland resident Annette Croughwell in an email to 9NEWS.

Colorado State Patrol Trooper Joshua Lewis, as well as Michael Sacha, who regularly comes down from Washington to take in Colorado’s views. offered some tips for "Leaf-Peeping Etiquette 101":

1) You're still driving -- so drive.

“Remember that if you’re on a highway, you’re looking at the leaves, you’re still on a highway, you’re still on a roadway," Lewis said.

2) On that note, don't take photos while driving.

"If you feel the need, pull over! By all means there are plenty of places that you can do so safely," Lewis said.

3) So yeah, don't stop just anywhere. Find a safe place to pull over.

“You’re just seeing those unbelievable vistas just one after the other. Sometimes it’s almost like too much to see and take in," Sacha said. “The problem with a lot of people that are not that familiar with the area is they’ll just stop anywhere.”

4) Be alert and on top of all the wonders around you (and hazaards...those too).

“Understand if you are simply stepping out into traffic, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re stepping out into traffic," Lewis said. "You are responsible for your own action and shouldn’t rely on somebody else doing everything correctly."

"We really don’t want to hit you as you’re standing in the middle of the road to get a pic to post," Croughwell said.

5) BOLO (that's cop-talk for "be on the lookout") for furry creatures!

They can appear on a road quickly and will never give you warning, Sacha said, adding that it can be easy to get distracted when so much beauty is around.

By staying alert and respectful locals and tourists can share the road safely during this beautiful fall season.