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9 weird Colorado laws that are still on the books

Don't roll a boulder in Boulder, don't gulp and gallop and definitely don't throw a missile at a car.
Credit: Alexlukin

The new year is right around the corner and Colorado will soon usher in new laws.

For example, Coloradans passed Senate Bill 197. That means full strength beer will be available in grocery stores in 2019. 

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Though new laws are on the way, there are some strange and funny ones still on the books. Here are nine odd Colorado laws you may not have known about:

1. In Boulder, if you’re feeling bolder, don’t dare roll a boulder onto city property. It is prohibited unless done by a city employee on official business. 

2. You can’t gulp and gallop in Colorado. A horse is considered a non-motorized vehicle, and yes, you can be cited for driving under the influence while in the saddle. It happened to a man in Boulder in 2013: 

3. Who didn't have a couch on their porch in college. CU Buffs did not! Boulder has significant restrictions on… outdoor furniture? Yes, it is frowned upon to have a couch on your porch. 

4. The city of Pueblo regulates the size of your dandelions. Since they are considered a nuisance and weed, property owners must keep them trimmed below 10 inches. 

5. In Vail, you are not to keep your junk close to someone else. 

Interpret that however you would like to, but according to city laws in Vail, you cannot keep any materials which may be classified as junk in close proximity to buildings, parks and homes. 

6. The city of Alamosa had to specifically outline that it is illegal to throw missiles at cars

 7. You better watch "them fightin’ words" in Boulder. You are free to challenge a police officer, but only until they ask you stop. 

8.  If you are looking to buy a car, don’t go on Sunday. In Colorado, dealerships cannot sell vehicles on Sundays. If you’re looking to buy tires or car accessories, that’s fine.  

9.  The medieval practice of using catapults to attack your enemies is strictly forbidden in Aspen. Actually, any use of a catapult can get you in trouble. So can the use of a bow, blowgun or slingshot in non-designated areas.

Rumor has spread that cats in Sterling may not run loose without having been fit with a taillight. As much as we would love it to be true, we checked with the city of Sterling and it’s, unfortunately, not a written law. 

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