In Breckenridge, Dean Marts and his crew are helping the flower season bloom by putting out hundreds of flowers around town.

“We’re putting flowers out in Breckenridge along Main Street and the Plaza area,” Marts said.

It brings a lot of color to town, but this season all the reds, yellows and pinks have some colorful competition.

Standing next to the Riverwalk Center is a big blue sculpture that Becca Spiro with Breck Create said has been in the works since 2014.

“It finally arrived in Breckenridge,” Spiro said.

Matt Renoux, KUSA

The $100,000 sculpture is called Syncline, and represents the dynamics of skiing.

“Syncline means downward slope, so it’s meant to refer to the physically, the dynamism, the athleticism of the sport of skiing,” Spiro said.

At 24 feet and 17,000 pounds, it’s also the biggest piece of art in Breckenridge.

“It’s the largest piece we have and by far the most contemporary piece we have,” Spiro said.

The artist, Albert Paley, is one of the world’s best at bending and twisting steel into art. Syncline is his first in Colorado.

“He’s built over 60 pieces like this one,” Spiro said. “He takes this massive heavy material and makes it bend and fold in ways you wouldn’t think the material would behave.”

Breckenridge will host a Paley week from June 18-21, complete with a ribbon cutting and a chance to meet the artist.