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A new spot in Vail has people going down the rabbit hole

Chasing Rabbits is a new entertainment venue at the Solaris in Vail, transformed from an old movie theater into an experience, unlike anything in the area.

VAIL, Colo. — There's a new spot open in Vail that might look like a normal restaurant at first-glance, but has much more than meets the eye.

Chasing Rabbits opened in December and bills itself as an entertainment venue, unlike anything else in the area. It's part restaurant, part theater, part library, part arcade and part speakeasy.

Vice President of Chasing Rabbits Thea Knobel said if you’re going to open an indoor entertainment venue in a place like Vail, you better make it stand out.

“It’s a little mystery, a little intrigue,” Knobel said. “You never know what you’ll get when you come to Chasing Rabbits.”

Credit: 9News

The space used to be a movie theater in the Solaris, a luxury condo complex, but has been transformed into the entertainment spot with 13,000 sq. ft. of space.

You first walk into a restaurant that looks normal enough, but then stretches into low-light hallways that lead to other rooms and where hidden rabbits give off an Alice and Wonderland vibe. It's designed to take people down the rabbit hole.

“It’s very unique. Like Alice in Wonderland, from the rabbit hole she went down," said Knobel. “Each room has its own design.”

Credit: 9News

Those rooms include a library where you can eat, read books and look for hidden secrets, like a hollow book with a special menu inside.

Credit: 9News

Head down the red-carpet hallway and you’ll end up in a speakeasy where they show classic movies and serve special drinks.

“So if you see that little cosmonaut bunny over there, the drink will come on it," Knobel said. "Some drinks come on a ship, or a clock. The clock is related, obviously, to Alice and Wonderland.”

Credit: 9News

Then, a walk down the infinity hall puts you in the Rabbit Hole, an arcade with big screen TVs and room to dance on some nights. 

“It’s really a place where people can have fun, they can dance, they can watch a movie,” Knobel said.

Credit: 9News

Even though it's only been open for a few months, the spot is already very popular. Reservations are highly-recommended and some night are booked full a month or more in advance.


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