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This map shows all of the Colorado counties with fire bans, restrictions

Be sure to check with the county before you head into the mountains!

DENVER — With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a huge dent in most kinds of travel, there’s one thing that Coloradans can still do: camp.

Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) gave the state park system’s campgrounds the go-ahead to reopen on May 12, and dispersed camping continues to be allowed in much of the state, as long as people avoid contact with small local communities and practice social distancing.

But, camping loses some of its fun without campfires. Some counties have enacted restrictions as part of an effort to prevent wildfires – and avoid putting first responders in danger during a global pandemic.

>>> Watch the video above for a look at Colorado campgrounds that are reopening. 

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So, before you head out for the weekend, check out the below map for camping restrictions across the state courtesy of the Colorado Office of Emergency Management. This may not be immediately updated, so check the website of the county or national forest you’re headed to before you go.

Find more tips about safely camping during the COVID-19 pandemic at the link below.

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Below are campfire safety tips from the Colorado Division of Campfire Safety and Control:

Camping Fire Safety—How to Build an Open Campfire

Select a level, open location away from heavy fuels such as logs, brush or decaying leaves and needles. Clear an area at least 10 feet in diameter (local regulations may vary). Scrape away grass, leaves or needles down to the mineral soil. Scoop a depression in the center of the cleared area in which to build the fire and put a ring of rocks around it. Cut wood in short lengths, pile within cleared area and light the fire. The fire should be built no larger than necessary. Your fire must never be left unattended and the fire must be extinguished completely before leaving.

While the Fire is Burning/Open Fire Safety

Always keep a shovel and bucket of water nearby at all times. While the fire is burning, be sure there is a responsible person in attendance of the fire at all times. Never leave children around a fire unattended.

How to Completely Extinguish an Open Campfire

Use the “drown, stir and feel” method: drown the fire with water, then stir around the fire area with your shovel to wet any remaining embers and ash. Be sure to turn wood and coals over and wet all sides. Move some dirt onto the fire site and mix thoroughly to fully smother it. And finally, feel the area with the back of your hand to ensure nothing is still smoldering.

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