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People are bidding more than $6,500 for an ‘ISIT420’ Colorado license plate

Colorado is auctioning off marijuana-themed license plates to raise money for the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

DENVER — People are bidding hundreds of dollars for cannabis-themed Colorado license plates. The good news is, it’s for a good cause.

The state is auctioning off the rights to 14 state license plates with cannabis-themed phrases, and the proceeds will benefit the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

Some of the phrases up for grabs include “BONG,” “GANJA,” “TEBGRIDY” and “HASH.” An “ISIT420” license plate, by the way, is currently garnering bids of more than $6,500, making it the most in-demand option. 

Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) applauded this effort in a news release, saying the state is “proud of its creativity and ingenuity.” Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera said she was looking forward to seeing which license plate makes the most money.

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As of this writing, the most bargain-friendly option is “HONEY,” which has bids topping at $820.

Bidding finishes at 4:20 p.m. on 4/20. Click here to see how much the license plates are going for (or to snag one yourself).

Winning bidders get the right to use the configuration of letters/numbers they chose on a novelty plate and can use the rights at a later date if needed. People still have to pay registration fees, the personalized plate protection fee and the costs for a potential designer background.

The Colorado Disability Funding Committee's goal is to support new and innovative programs for the state's disability community.

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