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2 Colorado women among the last standing in what might be the hardest foot race in the world

Courtney Dauwalter and Maggie Guterl finished two laps during the Barkley Marathons, which a Netflix documentary called "The Race that Eats its Young."

WARTBURG, Tenn — Two Colorado women were among the last people on the course during this year's Barkley Marathons, a masochistic foot race in the Tennessee mountains that only 15 people have even finished during its 35-year history. 

Ultramarathoners Courtney Dauwalter and Maggie Guterl both finished the second loop of theoretically a five-loop course in 26 hours and 52 minutes -- just 12 minutes past the cutoff to begin a third loop and complete what the race's organizer calls a "fun run." 

Only two runners -- including Jared Campbell, who has finished the race three times -- were allowed to vie for a "fun run," and they won't finish under the cutoff to try for a finish.

 More than half the time, no one does, and no woman has ever finished the full five loops. 

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There's a documentary about the Barkley Marathons on Netflix, but here's the concept: runners have 60 hours to complete five laps of what's advertised as a 20-mile loop (the runners say it's closer to a marathon) through the rugged mountains of Frozen Head State Park. 

The course changes each year, and five loops accounts for around 60,000 feet in elevation gain -- or the equivalent of running up and down Mt. Elbert from sea level more than four times. Whenever runners quit -- and most do after just a lap -- the race organizers play "Taps." The entry fee is also around $1.60 and something random like a pack of cigarettes, a license plate or a t-shirt, and it's virtually impossible for novices to figure out how even to apply. 

The Barkley can start anytime from midnight to noon on race day, and the sound of a conch indicates there's an hour until it starts. This year, Gary Cantrell -- the mastermind behind the event -- lit the cigarette that signifies its start at 3:04 a.m. 

Both Dauwalter and Guterl are among the most accomplished ultrarunners in the world. They have both won another masochistic event -- the Big Dog Backyard Ultra -- outright, beating all the men. 

It's worth mentioning that Big's Backyard Ultra is also organized by Cantrell and forces runners to complete a 4.1667-mile loop at the top of every hour until only one runner remains. Dauwalter won the 2020 edition with 283.33 miles. Guterl won in 2019 with 250 miles.

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Dauwalter won the 2018 Western States 100 (you can watch her talk to 9NEWS in the video below) and won the even longer Moab 240 outright.  

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