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DIA embraces spooky reputation with new ‘Haunted Colorado’ exhibit

Denver International Airport is once again leaning into its spooky reputation by offering travelers a chance to see an exhibit dedicated to Colorado's haunted past.

DENVER — It’s no secret that Denver International Airport (DIA) likes to lean into its spooky reputation. See here, here and here

Over the years, the airport has faced rumors of being the Illuminati headquarters, a residence to the lizard people, an extraterrestrial communication hub, and even an underground bunker for the elites. And then of course, there's Blucifer. 

The airport has kept a good sense of humor about it all, and hasn't been shy about addressing its conspiracy-filled existence. 

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This Halloween season, though, the airport is once again embracing its love for all things spooky with a new exhibit called “Haunted Colorado."

The exhibit showcases supernatural hot spots throughout the state while giving travelers insights into some of Colorado's most haunted attractions. 

“From cemeteries to hotels to abandoned mines, the exhibit features historical and current artifacts, intriguing objects, photographs and information to both edify, scare and excite,” a press release from DIA says.

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Credit: Denver International Airport (DIA)
Haunted Colorado exhibit

DIA also hopes the exhibit will shine light on the people and organizations who continue to support the myths, legends and realities of Colorado's past. 

"Haunted Colorado" will be on display through October, and is located on Ansbacher Hall in the Jeppesen Terminal on Level 6 North before A-Bridge security. 

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Participating exhibitors include: Fun Service, Gilpin Historical Society & Museum, Molly Brown House, Museum of Colorado Prisons, Reinke Brothers, Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, Silver Plume; The Stanley Hotel, The Wizards Chest, and Tom “Dr. Colorado” Noel.

Credit: Denver International Airport (DIA)
Haunted Colorado exhibit

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