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Ditch the car keys: it's Bike to Work Day

The annual event falls on June 27 this year. In 2017, more than 20,000 people registered and 30,000 ended up taking part.
Credit: Chad Maurer

Cyclists and those who have always wanted to channel their inner Lance Armstrong are invited -- no encouraged -- to register and participate in Bike to Work Day.

The annual event falls on Wednesday, June 27 this year. In 2017, more than 20,000 people registered and 30,000 ended up taking part. That's a lot of cyclists.

How do I register?

There's a handy little website where you can register right here. You don't have to register to ride your bike to work but you'll be eligible for prizes if you do.

What happens on the day?

Outside of the fact that you're breathing in the fresh air for your commute to work, there's fun to be had on your cycling journey. There are stations set up in more than 25 Colorado cities that provide a host of freebies! Just a quick check of the Bike to Work website shows in Denver, there are dozens of stations.

Credit: Chad Maurer

At Paloma Dental on 35th Street, riders can stop by for Hotbox Roasters coffee, artisan doughnuts and a travel toothbrush.

Cyclists who visit the Hi*Rise Bakery station at 22nd and Larimer will get free bagels and bottled water.

Like beer? Riders who bike to work on Wednesday are invited to Bruz Beers for a beer on them after they're off the clock.

Click or tap here for a full list of all the cities and towns that are participating around the state.

How is 9NEWS involved?

We're glad you asked! 9NEWS, which is conveniently located right off the Cherry Creek Trail, will have a breakfast station, bike repair and a hydration station for bikes who stop by. The people that are helping us make this event great? Corner Bakery, clothing shop Primal Wear, Pedal Bike Shop, Tour of the Moon, Tour of the Vineyards, Elephant Rock Copper Triangle and Clif Bar.

Credit: Chad Maurer

Come see us at 9NEWS at 500 E Speer Blvd!

How can I share my experience?

At this point in the story, you're already registered and very excited to bike to work on Wednesday. That's fantastic; we want to see that energy in the form of photos, videos, GIFs, interpretive dances and/or social media posts. Write us on Facebook, tweet us using the hashtag #BeOn9 or email photos to yourtake@9news.com. We'll feature them on our morning show and online!

Tips for drivers and cyclists

The Colorado Department of Transportation says Bike to Work Day is a great way of educating the public about the benefits of commuting by bike. CDOT gives these road-sharing tips for drivers and cyclists:

For drivers:

Give cyclists at least three feet of space when passing: Even if it requires crossing the center line, if it is safe – or risk a ticket.
Wait a few seconds: If you don’t have three feet to pass then wait until there is enough room to pass safely.
Take a brake: Reduce speed when encountering bicyclists.
Scan, then turn: Look for bicyclists before making turns and make sure the road is clear before proceeding.

For cyclists:
Cyclists must ride as far right as possible: And not impede traffic when passing other riders or riding two abreast.
Side-by-Side Rule: Ride no more than two abreast; move to single-file if riding two abreast impedes the flow of motorized traffic.
Ride Predictably: Scan the road, anticipate hazards, and communicate your moves to others.
Signal First: Use hand signals to alert nearby vehicles to turns or lane changes.

Credit: Chad Maurer

Benefits to biking to work:

  • Staying fit
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Saving money
  • Avoiding traffic delays
  • Starting your day energized, de-stressed and refreshed

This history of Bike to Work Day

The City of Boulder first celebrated Bike to Work Day in 1977. CDOT then began promoting it statewide, and in 1995 the Denver Regional Council of Governments began helping the area's cities and counties link their individual events together.

Bike to Work Day is celebrated in many communities along the Front Range and in the mountains, but our region's event is the largest in the state.