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21 incredible sunflower photos from 9NEWS viewers

Sunflower season has arrived in Colorado! Always stay off private property when trying to photograph the golden petals this time of year.
Credit: Steven Conley

COLORADO, USA — It’s Colorado summer gold, as the sunflower fields on the Western Slope and Eastern Plains go into full bloom.

Those incredible gold petals will look their best over the next couple of weeks, before they start to dry out a bit, and then eventually fall off, said Ron Meyer of the Colorado State University Agricultural Extension.

As a reminder, professional and amateur photographers should never venture onto private property without proper permission in order to grab a photo.

Several farmers who 9NEWS spoke to in 2018 said they generally welcome a few clicks along the side of their fields, but they all said they have damaged and stolen flowers every year, and that is not only frustrating but very sad.

So, if you can’t get in contact with the farmer to ask permission, at least keep them in mind as you enjoy the wonderful scenes of a Colorado summer that their crops provide.

“I think there is just something just universally beautiful about sunflowers,” said Colorado portrait photographer Mia Minoletti. “You know they’re really happy, they’re these huge, large flowers that are larger than life, and that’s always kind of fun.”

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Credit: Steven Conley
Credit: Steph Juliff
Credit: Tasha Alberts
Credit: Jamie Rogers
Credit: Zutis
East of DIA
Credit: Marilyn Rodman
Montrose, Colorado
Credit: Paul Marcotte
East of Denver
Credit: Sarah Miller
Credit: Haynes
Olathe, Colorado
Credit: Stacy Diller
Weld County, Colorado
Credit: Byrum
Milliken, Colorado
Credit: Susan Little
Montrose, Colorado
Credit: Chris Masias
Commerce City, Colorado
Credit: José de Jesús Pérez
Credit: Peter Pereira
Credit: Priya Nye
Credit: Ray Matthes
Golden, Colorado
Credit: M Ryno
Colorado Sunflower
Credit: Eric Linneman
Credit: Evenstad
Credit: J.Monteith Photography

Do you have a photo you'd like to share with us? Send to YourTake@9NEWS.com or fill out the form below or click/tap here.


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