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Old portrait of 'mystery woman' found among paintings of Colorado governors

<p>The portrait's date? 1933. A partially torn tag on the back points to an art gallery that's no longer there. Historians have no clue who the woman is, or why her portrait was found among former Colorado governors. </p>

Gary Shapiro

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Published: 2/2/2017 7:29:00 AM
Updated: 7:29 AM MST February 2, 2017

Gary Shapiro will has a look at the mystery portrait Thursday at 6 a.m. on 9NEWS Mornings

The painting was found hidden in the state archives.&nbsp;

There’s a mystery at the Colorado State Capitol.

If you’ve been there, you may have noticed the portraits of former Governors hanging on the walls of the West Foyer -- but that’s not really what the mystery is all about.

A block away from the Capitol is the State Archives Building.

It’s where boxes and boxes of old court records and other paperwork are stored.

There was recently a leak in one of the storage areas, and when workers went behind the stacks to fix it, they made a discovery: they found a dozen old portraits of former Colorado governors hidden away from the public -- some dated back to the 1800s.


They think the portraits used to hang in the Capitol too.

But that’s not what the mystery is about either.

One of the newly discovered portraits is of a woman.

And no one knows who she is, or why she’s been hanging out with all the old Governors in the stacks for years.

All they really know about her is that she’s not a former governor.

That’s what the mystery is.

There are a few hints.

Credit: Matt Bell, KUSA
People at the Colorado State Capitol are trying to identify a mystery woman found on a painting.

There’s a date written on the portrait, 1933

She’s obviously some sort of professional, sitting at a desk looking at a piece of paper.

And there’s a partially torn off tag on the back, that says Turner Art Gallery, 531 17th Street.

The gallery isn’t there anymore.

The archives workers are hoping somebody will recognize the woman.

Let us know if you can help, and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.

They want to answer the question: Who is Colorado’s mystery woman?

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