In the mountain town of Granby, just down from Railroad Avenue, Dave Naples is busy with small model trains and much larger ones.

He's been working to preserve Colorado’s railroad history by spending the last decade building the Moffat Road Railroad interpretive Museum.

"Sometimes the big ideas can be really big, this is a really big idea" said Naples.

For Naples, this work in progress combines small model trains and life sized versions.

These pieces give tourists the opportunity to step back in time to the glory days of rail transportation.

"Transport you to the early 1900’s the minute you walk in," said Naples.

There's a 1905 all wooden railcar. It's a little run down and in need of hundreds of thousands of dollars in restoration, but once was the height of first class transportation.

"The mahogany, the ebony, the inlay these are brass, all the fixtures are brass," said Naples.

It’s one of a few still around and sits right next to a 1923 Union Pacific caboose.

"There might be just seven that are actually restored," said Naples.

Both are slowly being restored to save a railroad history that once brought business and wealth to Colorado towns like Granby, and could keep bringing business for years to come.

"It brought civilization, it brought commerce. There would be no Granby without the railroad," said Naples.