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Search and rescue teams responding to more calls for people, pets in Colorado's mountains

Summit County Rescue is seeing more missions this summer and not just for people, but their pets too.

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — The summer is heating up and Brandon Ciullo with Summit County Rescue says so are missions that include people and recently one dog that needed a rescue while hiking with her owner up Quandary Mountain.

“Sometimes when you’re with your dog, it’s your dog who gets in trouble and needs help,” said Ciullo.

People hiking with their pets is pretty common and sometimes people take their pets on hikes up 14,000-foot mountains. That’s often when those pets need help. Ciullo said there are a few things you can do to make sure your pet can make the trip.

One of the first tips, know your pets’ limits. If they’re too young or too old, a long hike may not be the best idea.

“There’s a big difference between running on grass, running on soft dirt that’s flat, than going up something like Quandary,” said Ciullo.

Credit: Summit County Rescue.

Having enough water for you and your dog is critical, especially when hiking above the tree line where water sources are harder to find.

People should also hike with pet first aid kits in case their pet gets hurt. That includes booties that can be put on your pet's paws if they get cut on the harsh mountain terrain.

“A key piece of equipment to have is a dog booty that’s two sizes too big," said Ciullo. "So when you wrap it you can put the booty on and that will protect the bandage."

Credit: 9News

Keeping an eye on your pet is also critical to see if they are tired and having a hard time with the hike, 

“What I do with my dogs, they call the shots,” said Ciullo. “If I’m halfway up and they look like they’re not going to make it, guess what my hike is over.”



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