DENVER — Skyline Park is best known for its winter ice rink and summer beer garden, but spring is a great time to hang out on this slice of downtown Denver open space. 

On Tuesday evening, families were playing cornhole, vacationers were battling on foosball tables, and downtown employees were sipping beers after their shifts.

The Downtown Denver Partnership's Adam Perkins said enjoying the outdoors is what this park is all about. 

"Colorado is known for its mountains and its hiking and its skiing," he said. "And people come to downtown and they don’t really see the access to nature and outdoors." 

Skyline Park
Spring at Skyline Park

Skyline Park isn't just good for people. Perkins said it's part of a bigger plan to attract new residents and companies to move downtown. 

"If we can make it the coolest place to be, that’s really our ultimate goal," he said. 

Perkins points out that since Skyline Park is a city park, you can bring beer and wine with you, just don't leave with an open container.

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