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The Feed: Pumpkin Beer at Frolic Brewing

It's that time of year! Pumpkin Beer is brewing across the Front Range, so Kylie Bearse tasted the batch at Frolic Brewing in Westminster.

Frolic Brewing in Westminster has rolled out their seasonal pumpkin beer, so Kylie Bearse and photojournalist Chris Blake went to check it out in The Feed.

"We use savory spices out of Denver, so they have some really nice spices," said owner Chris Miser. "My brewer recommended it, and when we compared it to the store bought stuff, it's by far a superior spice."

And of course, there's real pumpkin in every glass. 

"80 pounds of pumpkin in there," said Miser.

Next up for Frolic Brewing - their seasonal Sweet Potato beer which should be ready in early November. 

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