BRECKENRIDGE — You might see something … strange walking around town.

“We have all kinds of installations, sculptures, performances happening on the trails around town,” said Robb Woulfe with Breck Creates.

It’s all part of the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts, which runs from Aug. 10 to Aug. 19.

Last weekend, people used trashed wood along the Wellington Trail to build a giant troll. Now that it’s finished, it towers over hikers in a massive rock garden.

The troll is named Isaac Heartstone because kids in the neighborhood gave the artist a heart-shaped rock which has since been placed into the sculpture as its heart.

This isn’t the only giant hidden in Breckenridge.

There’s also an eight-foot yeti standing in the shadows just off the Illinois Creek Trail.

“People can put their face in it, and turn into a sasquatch, and it’s very unexpected,” Woulfe said.

It’s one of several pieces of hidden art that acts as a pleasant surprise in an already pleasant place.

“People are really loving this idea of found art, found experiences,” Woulfe said. “We are moving away from big installations in the middle of town to tucking these things in remote areas of our community.”

To find the yeti, go to the Stephen C. West Ice Arena and head back to the parking lot. From here, you’ll find the Illinois Creek Trail. Hike up and look for the giant yeti.

If the troll is more your style, head north of Breckenridge to the Wellington Road uphill through several

stop signs.

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Pass the Outdoor Education Center, take a right onto Bridge Street, then veer right onto Stables Drive and go to the bike park.

Walk up to the Wellington Trail and take a left.

After about a half a mile, you’ll see the troll on your right side hiding behind some big piles of rocks.

Look for a side trail just before the bridge to reach his rock garden.