A walking-tour-meets-art-experience that's only in Denver for a limited time promises to show you the city through a new lens.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has teamed with Rimini Protokoll, a German-based theatre company, to bring "Remote Denver" to the Mile High City until July 1.

Billed as a 360 experience, the tour traverses about 2 miles and lasts about an hour and a half. Every person in the group of 50 is given a headset and they will be guided by a synthetic voice that sounds much like a GPS navigator.

Remote Denver_1528302887287.jpg.jpg
Remote Denver

"You’re not just audience members—you’re actors and spectators, observers and observed, individuals and hordes, all at the same time," DCPA's website reads.

Charlie Miller, the DCPA's off-center curator, says "Remote" is an experience -- not a tour.

"You will be in some familiar public spaces, but the audio portion really creates a new perspective of the world around you," Miller said. "It's really exciting to go to places you've been, go to places you haven't been and think about the world in a different way as this computer voice is giving you instructions and guiding you along the way."

Rimini Protokoll's website says "Remote" will make participants' journey through their city feel increasingly like a collective film.

TRAILER of REMOTE X | Stefan Kaegi (English) from Rimini Protokoll on Vimeo.

The exhibit tours from city to city internationally. It's currently also in Jerusalem, Besançon, France and will be in Hong Kong next month. This monthlong stay in Denver is the city's debut.

"[Rimini Protokoll] created this experience in Berlin a number of years ago and have since brought it to different cities all over the world," Miller said. "There have been remote in 20 different countries and I think Denver is the fifth or sixth U.S. city."

"Remote X questions artificial intelligence, big data and our predictability. As the project tours from city to city, each new site-specific version builds upon the dramaturgy of the previous city," Remote X's website reads.

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