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How is Vail preparing for winter?

Vail Council, business leaders discuss plans for winter, next summer

VAIL, Colo. — Vail has actually had a pretty successful summer during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s going to take time, effort and money to recover.

The Vail Town Council Tuesday held a morning session talking about the town’s 2021 budget and efforts to revive the town’s economy after its near-total shutdown in March.

Councilmembers held an online discussion with town business leaders to talk about the coming winter and the following summer.

The first speaker was Vail Mountain Chief Operating Officer Beth Howard. Howard said Vail Resorts was “excited” last week to share its plan for the coming winter. That plan will focus on pass holders making reservations for days on the mountains.

“People were looking for some sort of clarity,” Howard said. But, she added, the announcement about the reservation policy raised a “whole other level” of questions.

Howard said those questions will help Vail Resorts refine its plans, adding that the company will share answers to those questions as they become available.

With 11 weeks until the season begins at Vail, the company still has a lot to do on that front, Howard said. But, she added, the company’s focus remains on the safety of employees, guests and the community, having a complete, successful season and putting reservation priority on its pass holders.

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