From dog poop closing the Elk Meadow dog park to vandalism at Hanging Lake, cases of people disrespecting places in our beautiful state have dominated the headlines in recent months.

Now, we want to help do something about it.

9NEWS is taking to heart the issues with trash and waste that is being left in our open spaces, parks and trails – and we’re hoping we can all do our part to make sure people pick up after themselves and others, because we love Colorado as much as you do.

Our quest to “Keep Colorado Colorful” is simple: We want to empower you to get involved and to volunteer to make sure our state is pristine for generations to come.

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We’ll highlight opportunities to help your community, and empower you to share your photos and cleanup events using #KeepCOColorful.

You can also upload your photos directly to by going to:

There are multiple volunteer opportunities through Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. You can find a list here:

Another organization that helps keep some of the Centennial State’s most-beautiful but well-traveled areas in the state pristine is the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative. You can find more information here:

Colorado’s tourism office is working to highlight opportunities to combine exploring the state with giving back. You can see some of the “volun-tourism” opportunities available here:

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