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This 17-year-old will be the youngest designer ever to be showcased at Denver Fashion Week

He's never been to a fashion show, but his designs are expected to light up Denver Fashion Week next month.

KUSA — The youngest-ever fashion designer to be featured at Denver Fashion Week has - interestingly enough - never been to a fashion show.

"Not even to watch," Dalton Bidula said during a phone interview with 9NEWS. "So the first time I'm going, I'm going to be in the fashion show."

Bidula is 17 years old. He goes to Pueblo High School and is for all intents and purposes, a normal teenage kid.

He was on the high school baseball team. He still has to ask permission from his teachers to leave the classroom.

One thing sets him apart, though: he owns a company and is spending the fall of his senior year finalizing designs and creating looks for Denver Fashion Week.

Credit: Shape Streetwear

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DFW as it's commonly referred to, is an eight-day event that's chock-full of runway shows, panels for aspiring models and parties revolving around of course, fashion. For 10 years, DFW has been Denver's largest fashion occasion.

But for Bidula, it was something he just stumbled upon.

"I was just looking up local things for fashion and then I saw Denver Fashion Week and I was kind of interested. And I thought, 'I want to do this,'" Bidula said.

Several emails later - he estimates he emailed the head of DFW and other people on the team about 10 times before finally getting a response ("That's how you get anything done in this world!") - Bidula is preparing for his first-ever fashion show.

Shape Streetwear, the clothing brand he created in November 2017, started with two pieces. The following summer, there were three more pieces.

Those combined five pieces weren't going to cut it for DFW - not by a long shot.

"[The director of DFW] asked me if I had 10 looks," Bidula explained. "That was when I was thinking of two pieces. I said 'yes' then I just started working!"

Credit: Shape Streetwear

For November's show, Bidula has 19 pieces in his Dissolve Yellow collection. He says it's inspired by the idea of ancient Greek architecture that may be worn down, but is still standing and beautiful.

"I want Shape Streetwear to be like that - where I keep growing and growing on my design, but I can look back and still really appreciate my designs that I did before," Bidula said.

It's thoughts like that one that prove designing clothes is more than just a schoolboy hobby to Bidula.

"Lots of people think it's academics or sports that gets recognized in high school, but I don't think so," Bidula said. "You can go off and do your own thing even though you're in high school. I consider this the start of my career."

You can catch Bidula's designs and his inaugural fashion show - to attend or to show in - on Sunday, Nov. 4 during the Children's and Teen Fashion Show.

If you want to learn more about Shape Streetwear, click or tap here to visit the website

If you'd like to buy tickets to Sunday's show, click or tap here