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The Hornet doesn't have a drive-thru. Stop driving through it!

The Hornet restaurant in Denver has new wall art in place of a window. Not by choice. They want to remind folks, there's no drive-thru.

KUSA – Staff at the Hornet restaurant in Denver would like to remind everyone that their front door is the preferred method of entry. Lately, it’s been something worth repeating at the restaurant off 1st and Broadway.

“We had to board up the window to keep the cold air out,” said Misty Forde while she stood beside what was left of the side window. “Remind people it’s not a drive-thru.”

Forde has been a manager at the Hornet for about eight years. Sunday night was the second time she’s dealt with a car crashing into the restaurant window.

“The car swerved to miss another car, hit our window, the front window pane shattered, glass was everywhere,” Forde said.

February 14 was even more dramatic.

“A man just said there was someone in the car with him holding a gun to his head, sped out of control and went through the window,” Forde recalled.

There’s something about that window. Staff at the Hornet just don’t know what it is.

“I don’t know!” Forde laughed. “Maybe it’s the corner, maybe it’s the marquee. I have no idea.”

But staff came up with an idea to help discourage drivers from repeating a mistake. Forde said the owner was behind the message spray-painted on the board now covering the shattered window. It reads: “Again, not a drive-thru.” Below the message is a hashtag: #Notadrivethru.

“To remind people that we don’t want you guys coming through the window anymore,” Forde said. “It’s not a drive-thru.”

Forde and others at the Hornet seemed to get a kick out of sharing the story with customers, but they wish they didn’t have to tell it - again.

“I mean this is the second time in less than a year it’s happened, so we’re trying to have a good sense of humor about it,” Forde said.

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