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This guy at DIA boarding a plane in ski boots is the hero we didn’t know we needed

A Reddit user captured a photo of a traveler who was apparently boarding a plane to San Francisco while wearing ski boots. "Gotta do what you gotta do to avoid those bag fees," he joked.
Credit: klyphw

If you’ve ever worn ski boots for an extended period of time, this photo might make you say “ouch” and involuntarily start massaging your ankles.

It was posted on Thursday morning by Reddit user klyphw, who spotted someone who either thought Denver International Airport was “ski-in, ski-out” or was doing something ridiculously ingenious to avoid paying for a checked bag on his United flight to San Francisco.

Or he just thought his ski boots were sweet and wanted to get more use out of them. 

The guy who posted the photo told 9NEWS in a private message that the man was wearing the boots in the entire boarding and gate area.

At this point, it’s not clear if he took them off while on the plane, or braved a walk through the airport in ski boots.

With that being said, one of the best parts about a ski day is ditching the boots at the end, so maybe this could also apply to air travel. 

Regardless, this might be something you only see in Colorado.

And if you’re the guy in the ski boots, send us a message to webteam@9news.com! Honestly, I just want to know if United made you pay for overhead space, if you checked skis too, if you tested the ski boots on those moving platforms, what the legroom situation was like in United Economy and …

Ok, at this point, there are simply more questions than answers. 

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