Loren Landow, the Director of Sports Performance at Landow Performance, has a simple yet effective total body workout whether you have a gym membership or are in the middle of nowhere

The following 2 circuits can be done literally anywhere

1. Alternating step ups 8"-20" box - 30-60 seconds
a. Step up ensuring the entire foot is on the box
b. Punch the opposite knee up as you get to the top of the step
c. Keep your abs tight and squeeze the glute of the down leg at the top of the step
2. Lateral crawl (down on all fours) 20 sec
a. Set up: hands under the shoulders, knees under the hips
b. Lift your knees off the floor just a couple of inches
c. With you core tight, move laterally going opposite foot opposite hand in a slow and deliberate motion
Rest: match the total time worked so work to rest becomes a 1:1 ratio
X 5 rounds

3. Alternating step back lunge x 10
a. Starting in a tall position
b. Take a step back as you drop into a lunge position
c. Keep majority of your weight in the front (lead) leg maintaining a flat-footed position to avoid injuring the knee
d. Your torso should remain extended (tall), while keeping your core tight
e. Press through the lead foot to come back up into the tall position
4. Towel curl to press x10
a. The following exercise can be done with a towel, a shirt, a belt, etc.
b. Using an underhand grip, you are going to do the next four movements 1. Bicep curl 2. Overhead shoulder press 3. Lat pulldown and 4. Tricep extension
c. The key to the exercise is keeping tension through the towel by pulling like you’re trying to tear the towel in half
Rest: match the total time worked so work to rest becomes a 1:1 ratio
X 5 rounds