This Sunday, dads around the world will be celebrating the day in their honor. For one dad, Dan Hopwood, this Sunday will be extra special.

Dan has been at Swedish Hospital for the last two months, being treated for sepsis. In April, he came to the hospital with an infection that quickly spread and became life threatening. His doctors and nurses say his treatment required several invasive operations, and he was lucky to survive.

Dan’s hospitalization came on the same week his only daughter was set to get married. He was in the ICU and unable to leave his hospital room. His daughter, Jennifer, and her fiancé decided to bring the wedding to him.

It was a no-brainer, as the father daughter duo are very close.

"We’re close, she always comes to me for information and she actually listens to the advice I give her so she must think I give her good advice, and she’s always there to support me,” Dan said.Dan even helped Jennifer plan her wedding, from the dress to the jewelry.“We’ve always been really close, I’ve definitely been a textbook daddy’s girl, I’ve been that way my whole life, we talk on a daily basis, he’s my person to go to, he’s amazing,” says Jennifer.Jennifer says when her dad was hospitalized, she was devastated and heartbroken because it was so sudden. She says she couldn’t go on with her wedding without him being a part of it.“I asked if we could get married in the hospital room, so I was so excited it was going to work out. We brought our officiant down, who is one of our best friends, his best friend, his brother, and he got to be a part of it which is amazing,” Jennifer said.Dan was released from the hospital on Friday. And he's already planning what he’s going to do next, with his new lease on life.“I’m going to start planning for grandchildren. A life full of grandchildren, no pressure. I’ve even got a spot for a crib upstairs,” he said.

Dan’s doctor tells us he’s a fighter and his good attitude helped him to stay positive through his treatment.