There's a brand new piece of art on display in Sunnyside. All you have to spend to see it is your time.

At the intersection of W. 41st Ave. and Navajo St. is a new giant mural in the middle of the street. The painting is of Frankie the Falcon, the mascot for Trevista Elementary School which is adjacent to the intersection.

The mural is part of citywide project stemming from a three-year grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The grant money comes from taxes on tobacco which is used for Healthy Eating and Active Living programs, or H.E.A.L.

"With the grant, we are collecting a lot of data about actual walking and biking conditions," Kayla Gilbert, the city's Active Living coordinator, said. "This information is information we've never had before at the city level so we're really using it to prioritize on a wider scale where to put improvements for walking and biking."

To help with the city's efforts, a competition between neighborhoods was created. Last May, the city held a data collection challenge and asked teams to compete to collect the most data about sidewalks and intersections n their neighborhoods for two weeks. The Sunnyside neighborhood was among the three teams that won the challenge.

"They won funds to create their own neighborhood design walkability project," Gilbert said.

Sunnyside chose the mural which volunteers painted Saturday morning.

"Seeing everyone else just come and put all of their effort into creating a beautiful painting is so awesome to see," Sedona Allen, one of the project's volunteers, said. "It just spreads a positive image for their whole neighborhood to see."

Gilbert said the mural will greet kids as they walk to and from school and will be a destination for people to walk to.

Next week, the group will paint another outside of Valverde Elementary School.