COLORADO SPRINGS—For more than 6 years, the city of Rio de Janeiro has been been hard at work preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“There’s this image of Brazil and Rio that every tourist thinks about us—that these guys can throw a party,” Paes said.

In 100 days, Brazil will become the first county in South America to host the Olympic Games. While many of the venues at one time were behind schedule, Leonardo Gryne with the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee says nearly all have been rushed to order and nearly finished.

“I like to compare ourselves to athletes training for the Olympic Games,” Gyrne said. “We were late so we have been yellow carded by the federations so that's helped us get back on track.”

Rio has already hosted several Olympic test events as an early look at where they will compete. The competition this summer will be under iconic landmarks like Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

“It is the most beautiful scenery,” U.S Sailing Team Member Briana Provancha said. “You have Christ the Redeemer looking down on you, it feels like he is really just looking over the whole bay and ocean, it is unbelievable and they picked a very good place to host these Olympics.

The 2016 Rio Organizing Committee has been making a number of financial cuts to try and slow a growing budget, but security is still going to be huge with a massive web of more than 3000 city-wide cameras and more than 80,000 police and military.

100 days and counting and the finish line is close but the race isn’t over yet. Only half of Olympic tickets have been sold and the Zika virus has caused some concern for athletes like Abby Johnson.

“I think the Zika virus can be concerning for an athlete because acute illness is joint pain and flu like symptoms would take away from your performance,” Johnson said.

Not that athletes are letting those concerns stop them. Michael Phelps is looking to these Olympics has his farewell swim. Missy Franklin is overcoming injury to once again race at the Olympics after a great showing in London back in 2012

All are ready to show the world their best while in Rio for when the Olympics start on August 5.