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Tech Tuesday: Bitsbox, Rafflecopter, Revolv

Gary Shapiro sat down with Scott Yates in the studio for his regular look at three Colorado companies.

KUSA - Gary Shapiro sat down with Scott Yates in the studio for his regular look at three Colorado companies, one "Early, But Interesting," one of "Colorado's Own," and one company that's "Crushing It."


Children are being asked to adapt to an ever changing economic landscape in order to compete and thrive in their own career and financial lives. One area in particular that it is key for them to be competent in is technology. Not only in the ability to use technology, but to create it. Bitsbox is helping to educate a new generation about computer coding and creating products that consumers want.

Bitsbox is an "Early But Interesting" story because they promote technological creativity and self reliance in a format that is easy for children to understand. By offering an imaginary on-screen tablet for children to use, this company is asking those children to unleash their artistic and entrepreneurial spirit to create application ideas that could be used in real world technologies.

This is something nearly every tech company will be thrilled about because of the lack of qualified developers for most new internet technologies. This may help grow more of them from early ages.

Prepare to check this company out at their public premier at Boomtown Demo Day this Wednesday. Boomtown is one of two or three really successful local incubators of new business ideas and entrepreneurs.


Don't fall asleep on "Colorado's Own" Rafflecopter. Virtually anytime someone enters into a sweepstakes, raffle, or other giveaway program over the Internet, they are probably doing business with Rafflecopter. This is because they have positioned themselves as leaders in this market and because they are a trusted name to get things right.

There are a lot of potential legal landmines when it comes to running a giveaway program, particularly over the Internet. However, with their years of experience Rafflecopter has made the process of doing something fun for the customers a lot less stressful and worrisome. Rafflecopter makes it a little easier to bring the fun into running a small business.


Futurists rejoice for our "Crushing It" business this week that goes by the name of Revolv. This company, which was so successful that it was snatched up by Nest (a Google owned company), is helping to make our homes more intelligent through home automation. It is an ambitious project that seeks to help us with everything from home security cameras to smart thermostats that allow your home to know when you might return based on where your car is and thus adjust the temperature accordingly. Many see the products that they make as the necessities of tomorrow and are looking to see what this company will produce next now that the team from that company is building tools that Google will use to help automate our homes.

This post was written by one of the freelance contributors for Scott's company, BlogMutt. Each Tech Tuesday, Scott Yates highlights tech companies doing well here in Colorado. The best way to have your business covered in this space attend a tech event and pitch your business. You can also contact him on his site: Scott.

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