The Great American Beer Festival vows that a bathroom snafu that left thousands of people searching for a place to pee following five hours of vigorous liquid consumption will not happen again.

“Regrettably, the rumors are true,” said Ann Obenchain, marketing director for the Brewers’ Association.

Here’s what went down: right when Thursday’s GABF session at the Colorado Convention Center ended, the restrooms were inadvertently blocked off.

That’s not ideal, given that many beer drinkers understandably like to hit the restrooms before heading home.

Thus, thousands of people took to Denver’s streets, searching for a place to relieve themselves with dignity – there were even lines at area hotels.

With that being said, 9NEWS has contacted the city of Denver for data on how many public urination tickets given out were Thursday night. We will update this story when that data becomes available (don’t say that journalism is dead, folks).

As for those of you attending the festival Friday and Saturday, there is no reason to panic.

Obenchain says the bathrooms will remain open at closing time for the rest of the weekend.