Colorado's one of the worst states for Halloween trick-or-treaters, according to a new report by a Denver shopping app maker.

Denver-based Ibotta reported Wednesday that Colorado ranks fifth from the bottom in the U.S. based on average candy purchases per person.

People in Oregon spend the most money on Halloween candy, at $40.29 per person. Ohio spends the least, at $11.22 per person. Georgia, Michigan, Alabama and Colorado are the next cheapest places for candy purchases, with Colorado spending an average of $12.37 per person.

"Children in those states might need to double up on houses or squeeze in one more neighborhood block to score a candy haul this Halloween," Ibotta said in a statement.

And what are Colorado candy shoppers buying? According to Ibotta, Coloradans “candy of choice” (the most frequently purchased candy in the week leading up to Halloween) are Almond Joys, said a spokesperson.

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