A convention that started six years ago by a Denver nonprofit to raise money to promote reading for children has turned into an super-human extravaganza with an estimated $10 million economic punch to the city.

Attendance at the three-day Denver Comic Con in downtown Denver June 30-July 2 was expected to top 115,000 attendees.

"We see young and old — and everyone from diverse backgrounds," said Sam Fuqua, executive director of Pop Culture Classroom, a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy for children and adults and organizes the annual Comic Convention.

Pop Culture Classroom had an idea of hosting a comic convention to raise money for its organization and get children interested in reading. In its first year, there were 30,000 attendees to the convention that features comic book, science fiction and fantasy writers and artists. There are comic cons around the world and more than 20 in cities across the U.S.

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