DENVER - The Denver Post is looking to cut 20 positions from its newsroom staff, offering buyouts as incentive for veteran employees to leave and stave off a round layoffs at Colorado's largest newspaper.

Editor Greg Moore told assembled staff members Thursday afternoon the paper sought to save the newsroom budget $1.5 million with the reductions. It's at least the third round of buyouts at the newspaper in the last eight years.

"It's just looking at expenses and looking at revenue and finding ways to keep the company profitable, healthy and, you know, open," Moore said in an interview afterward."It's basically that, getting expenses in line with revenue," he said. "I'm glad we're able to make an offer that may make sense for some people, but it's always tough and regrettable."

There are about 165 newsroom staff members at the newspaper — about 66 would be eligible for the voluntary buyout available to people who have worked there 10 years or more.

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