KUSA – Developers are eyeing the land surrounding Dinosaur Ridge in Jefferson County, which has the museum and some neighbors concerned.

The landowners are in the middle of a series of meetings with the community in which they’re offering a few different scenarios for the open space between C-470 and the famous Hogback.

Current zoning would allow for warehouse and retail space. Developers also hope to ask the county for zoning to allow for auto dealerships and a potential Harley Davidson dealer, in addition to restaurants, retailers and some warehouses.

The owners say any development would not infringe on any of Dinosaur Ridge’s current facilities – or the ridge itself.

Still, the executive director of the nonprofit that runs the National Natural Landmark says she’s worried about the impact development would have.

“It’s a viewspace,” Patricia Kelly with Friends of Dinosaur Ridge said. “It has a lot of wildlife and a lot of plants and biodiversity. If they should develop their land, I would just wish that the development was more compatible with the natural space.”

Landowner Greg Stevin says the development will be far away from Dinosaur Ridge.

“Any development we are doing is not up against the tracks they have,” he said. “In fact, we’re north of the tracks or completely across the highway.”

The next step is for the landowners to submit a formal proposal to rezone the land to the county.

It could take four months or more to get that approved.