DENVER — Dish Network (Nasdaq: Dish) has an open proposal to Altitude Sports — the TV home to the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets — and a response to Altitude’s accusations that Dish has been “not negotiating in good faith.”

The two parties have been working to renew a carriage contract that expired in August.

>The video above from December of 2019 answers the question; Why can't you just pay Altitude to stream the Avs?

“We are a Denver-based company — home to proud fans of both the Nuggets and the Avalanche,” said Andy LeCuyer, senior vice president of programming for Dish, in a prepared statement. “The claim that we are not negotiating in good faith is untrue. We have made multiple proposals that are fair to Altitude, Colorado sports fans and the overwhelming majority of our customers who don’t watch Altitude.”

LeCuyer said that the issue is Denver-based Altitude requesting that the majority of Englewood-based Dish customers pay for Altitude. But he said the majority of Dish customers don’t watch it.

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